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The Cayman Islands Department of Environment welcomes you to

This website is a product of the DARWIN INITIATIVE – a consortium of local and international partners
working together for the preservation of Cayman’s unique biodiversity.
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Biodiversity is the “variety of life”, and the Cayman Islands enjoy a rich and varied natural heritage, both on land and at sea. All three islands are unique. In addition to spectacular marine resources Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac all boast plants and animals which are found nowhere else in the world.

Our natural environment is a gift: attracting visitors to our shores, protecting us during storms – even making the air we breathe. Protection of our local natural resources is part of our global responsibility towards maintaining a healthy and diverse planet, both now and for benefit of future generations. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you have COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, or wish to make a REPORT, please CONTACT us or call: (345) 949 8469.